At Zagon Loop

At Zagon Loop

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Sheltered by Nanos

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It is hard to believe that in the best of times there were approximately 50 mills operating in the Pivka basin, and as many as 38 at the beginning of the 20th century, eleven of them on the Pivka River, and six along Nanoščica, which is its most important tributary. In addition to the Pikec, Čadež, Devil, Korentan and Cene’s mills, which we already described in our idea for the trip Along the Meanders of Nanoščica, you can also walk to the “Zagon mill” on a sunny autumn afternoon.

The wheels of an important mill, the Geržin mill, once turned here, as soon after Nanoščica descends towards Mali Otok and from there flows into the Pivka River. We say that the mill is located next to the “loop” because Nanoščica created a large loop there. Farmers from Hrenovice and Hrašče used to drive across today’s overgrown meadows to the mill and sawmill. The remains of other mills can also be found in the surrounding villages in the flysch valley right next to the Nanoščica basin. 

The mill can be accessed from the village of Zagon (shorter route) or the village of Hrašče (longer route). Therefore, in order to make the most of the warm autumn days, we have decided to lead you through the route from Hrašče. You can park your car next to the macadam road, which you turn onto at the end of the avenue, shortly before entering the village of Hrašče. From there you continue along the path right of Hrašče, over the old steel bridge and immediately after the fenced pasture, turn left.

Trail map is available here. (link to the map: At Zagon loop – Google My Maps)

Before entering the spacious courtyard (“borjač”), your will come across a proud knight and his companion, the owl – wood-carved forest guardians created by a local craftsman. Time for a photo! Whether it’s a smiling selfie, a tribute to a knight or a hot forged sword in hand, share it with us at or the Visit Postojna FB and IG profile.

A few meters further you come to a well-kept building with a single-storey residential house made of hewn stones, behind which a mill built of hewn stones once stood, and a Venetian sawmill as well – today it is gone, and only the decaying spindles of the mill remain. In addition to the meanders, there are also swings and benches on the green, but since this is a private property, please treat nature and the building responsibly.

Here you can turn back towards your car or continue along the river, which leads you to a small cove and an abandoned boat. An important and protected area is the reed beds and meadows over which the Nanoščica flows, as it is a stopover for migratory birds that spend the night here during their autumn and spring migrations. Precisely because of the twisting meanders created by the river, the area is also home to the green-blue, almost tropical and endangered kingfisher. Listen carefully, you may hear his warbles.

During its operation, the Zagon mill was renowned for its exquisite milling of both white and black flour. As we can read in the third book Ljudje in kraji ob Pivki, during the National Liberation Struggle there was a secret place for maintaining connections between partisan units there (“javka”), as the mill is located in a secluded location. Partisans were also able to supply themselves with flour.

Alone or with company. Use every opportunity to go out into nature to look for beautiful views and recharge your batteries.

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