Along the Meanders of Nanoščica River

Along the Meanders of Nanoščica River

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From the Field to the Cave

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The Nanoščica River flows from below the peaks of Nanos in several springs. It flows slowly and calmly through the Pivka basin, creating tributary branches and picturesque meanders, along which stretch marshy meadows, reed beds, bushes, and remnants of lowland floodplain forest. All of this is a natural habitat for endangered plant and animal species.

Several mills once operated on Nanoščica, the remains of which can still be seen today. Cene’s mill was located east of the Landol village. On the marshy plain there is a very nicely arranged park, where the village youth come to cool off on summer days. Although the park is privately owned, the owner allows visitors to see it, provided they behave appropriately and respect the nature. The space is suitable for picnics by the water lilies in the spring or jumping over fallen leaves in autumn.

You park your car in the centre of Hrašče village (next to the playground) and start your journey 500m further from the Church of St. Anne. From there, you continue your journey towards the isolated beech-fir forest on Pugled, where you head through the forest towards your destination.

On the way, you also cross the Natura 2000 area, which is the habitat of many animal species, the most famous of which is the corn crake. On sunny spring days, you will be accompanied by its singing, and on autumn days by the color palette of leafy giants.

There are benches and tables in the park. If you go there with your better half, you can lock and promise eternal loyalty to each other on the bridge of “charmed love”.

Even though autumn days are turning into long winter evenings, you can still extend your adventure to nearby Landol. Crossing meadow marshes and pastures, you reach the centre of Landol, where the cart route used to run, but today only the old toll house reminds us of those times. In the days of carters, carriers had to pay tolls (duty) for using roads and crossing bridges, as well as ferrymen. The oldest toll booths along the Jambor Road have been operating in Planina and Landol since the beginning of the 14th century. According to folk tradition, carters in Landol paid tolls until the end of the 18th century.

At the end of the trip, all you have to do is walk back to your car, and the memories and new knowledge will remain forever. The full route map can be found here. (map link: Along the meanders of Nanoščica River – Google My maps)

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