From the Field to the Cave

From the Field to the Cave

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We invite you to explore our destination like many other athletes, amateur athletes, nature lovers and generally everyone who wants to get away from everyday life.

You can start the adventure by arriving at Hotel Center, which was completely renovated in 2018 and is located just a 10-minute walk from the famous Postojna Cave. The hotel will take great care of your bikes. In addition to its beautiful rooms and friendly staff, this is the best place for a perfect getaway, as it lies in a peaceful environment, but only a few meters from the city centre. Hotel Center is the oldest hotel in Postojna and is also the first to receive the environmental certificate of the European Union for environmentally friendly tourist accommodation establishments Ecolabel. 

You can use the day to explore the natural and cultural beauties of Postojna. In the evening, when you return to the city, treat yourself to something refreshing in the centre of the city, where in the summer there is a variety of cultural events and you will feel the real pulse of the Postojna summer.

Ride your bike in the direction of the village of Planina. After 10 kilometers, treat yourself to the first stop at Planina Field, which is considered a classic example of a karst field and is the last such field in the Ljubljanica river basin. The Unica River makes its way there. You can visit it in all seasons, as it offers various options for spending your free time: from walking, running, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing, to even ice skating in the winter. While riding your bike along paved paths in Planina Field, you can indulge in the beautiful nature and observe many birds, butterflies, and meadow plants, which flourish in all their beauty in both, spring and summer.

An interesting fact: Did you know that you can find more species of butterflies in a single karst field than in the whole of Great Britain?

Continue cycling to Hošperk Castle (Haasberg). The ruins of the former Baroque mansion rise above the gorge of the Unica River in the southern part of Planina Field. Unfortunately, it was completely burned down during the World War II. Still, the view of the castle evokes the feeling that it was once one of the most illustrative castle buildings in the Slovenian region.

After a short tour of the remains of the baroque manor, take a walk across the street, where the old barn awaits you behind the door. The walled magical grassy courtyard is nowadays suitable for outdoor events. The “castle barn” as they call it, hosts exhibitions, concerts and workshops in the summer. Škratovka Haasberg Society is a harbinger of new life on the castle with cultural events, as they tell children various stories about the valley of the always mischievous dwarves. You can also see a small ethnological collection with various objects found at this location.

You will probably be a little hungry by then, so we suggest that you go further to the village of Planina, to the Demšar diner and treat yourself to a delicious homemade lunch. Once you have gathered your strength, cycle to the Ravbar tower in Planina.

The tower is a remnant of the medieval Mali Castle, which got its name from the Ravbar family from the 15th century. In the past, the role of the castle was to protect the important transport connection between the Ljubljana basin and the Slovenian Littoral Region.

The largest water cave in Slovenia, the Planina Cave, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Ravbar tower, on the southern edge of Planina Field. You will be enchanted by the magnificent 20-meter-wide and 8-meter-high natural entrance to the cave, which is further enhanced by the rustle of the Unica River. Visiting the cave is only possible after prior notice, or we recommend that you inquire about the opening hours before visiting the cave. You will enter the Planina Cave accompanied by a guide and using lamps. A pleasant and exciting walk along the protected path will bring you to a unique confluence of underground rivers, where the river Rak, which flows from Rakov Škocjan, and the river Pivka, which flows in from the Postojna Cave, merge into Unica. Along the way, you will see unique underground confluences, lakes, and dripstones, and learn that as many as 60 species of aquatic and 40 species of terrestrial animals live here.

You can also visit the cave by boat, and this unforgettable experience lasts from 4 to 6 hours. The tour of the cave by boat is possible only at a low water level, so a prior announcement is required.

After unforgettable experiences of the green karst world, wave goodbye to Planina and head back to Postojna. Our places will never leave you indifferent.


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