On the Dragon’s Trail

On the Dragon’s Trail

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Sheltered by Nanos

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We have prepared another idea for your afternoon stroll, but this time a bit longer than usual. The diverse Dragon’s circular trail leads through beautiful villages, forest meadows and past numerous attractions. The walk can take quite some time, so it is necessary to start early so we do not get caught out in the dark.

Although this is a circular trail, we have prepared two main starting points, the first at the sculpture of the dragon and the shepherd boy Jakob in the village of Šmihel pod Nanosom (after which the path is also named) and the second at the Predjama Castle. There are currently no markings along the trail, information boards are planned and will be erected in the future. We suggest following the trail map that can be found here. (link: Dragon’s circular trail – Google My Maps).

From the sculpture of the brave shepherd boy Jakob, who saved the people of Postojna from the terrible dragon from the Postojna cave, continue along the main village road. On a gentle climb, when you can already see the Church of St. Michael, there is an old village trough for watering livestock on the left side of the road, and on the right is a resting place with drinking water.

Turn onto the cart track, past the pastures into the embrace of the forest, until you see the largest cave castle in the world trapped in the cliff – Predjama Castle. Take a walk to the castle and the old linden tree, under which, according to the legend, the robber knight Erazem Predjamski rests. But is he really “resting”? The legend also says that his ghost walks around the castle and oversees what is happening there.

Continue your journey towards the village of Landol, past the old toll house, where the carters used to pay tolls and where the old village scale, which the locals used to weigh agricultural products and livestock, still stands today. It used to be much more important to people’s lives than it is today, as their livelihood depended on the correct weighing of crops and livestock. Today, the village scale has become part of the cultural heritage, which must be preserved for future generations. Finish the walk along the main road towards Šmihel to the starting point at the sculpture of the shepherd boy Jakob.

The trail is 7.2 km long and will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you go by bicycle, we suggest that you pay particular attention to the forested areas on the route between Šmihel and Predjama and between Predjama and Landol. Because it often rains, it may be difficult to ride on the road. Take some time for yourself during these days packed with changing colors and weather because you deserve it.

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