Stop and have a look on the city trail

Stop and have a look on the city trail

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Sheltered by Nanos

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You can explore Postojna on your own or under the guidance of an experienced local tour guide. A tourist guide is available in which the great people of Postojna and the magnificent buildings associated with the blossoming of Postojna will come to life and share their unforgettable stories with you.

On the city trail, 200 years of Postojna’s history can be seen in less than three hours.

You can individually choose between three short theme trails: 
The city promenade
In the heart of karstology
The city on the border

Additional info
Guided tours are only possible by prior arrangement, more info at:

TIC Galerija
Trg padlih borcev 5, 6230 Postojna
+386 (0)40 122 318

Most of the points of the city trail are accessible without a guide, you can arrange a more detailed tour of some on your own (St. Stephen’s Church – in the rectory), but a few points require a guide (Fran Jurca’s family tomb, Dr. Lojz Kraigher’s memorial room). The guide will be much more than your key bearer on the city tour, as he will tell you stories and conjure up many interesting images.



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