What is green Karst?

Green Karst is an area, our little piece of heaven between the Alps and the Mediterranean. It is karst in the sense of a geological term that describes ancient rocky areas where water has eroded over millions of years and carved its way through the rock.

Zeleni kras

On its way, it created natural karst wonders, such as caves, sinkholes, underground rivers, swallow holes and cave-ins, and intermittent lakes. 

Our karst also has the special feature of being green, and how could it not be, if more than half of the entire Green Karst destination is covered by forest? The name directly emphasizes the key feature of the landscape – the green karst world. It is therefore a karst that is green, forested and therefore unique in Slovenia. That is why the word “karst” is written with a lowercase initial, because it is not about the karst as a landscape, but about the karst characteristics of the area. The name therefore most adequately describes the natural and cultural characteristics and advantages of the region, and at the same time expresses the development concept of the region, which follows the principles of sustainable development.

The Green Karst is also a brand under which Postojna is promoted.

Green Karst is a trademark of the Primorje-Notranjska region and is the result of cooperation between the municipalities of Bloke, Cerknica, Ilirska Bistrica, Lož Valley, Pivka and Postojna. The brand can be used for the promotion of municipalities and the geographical area and for the promotion or marketing of goods and services created in the geographical area of the brand. Content-wise, the brand demonstrates an orientation towards sustainable development, preservation of a healthy environment, respect for tradition and the promotion of knowledge and cooperation.

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