Welcome to Postojna!

“This is a new world. This is paradise,”
exclaimed Luka Čeč upon the discovery of the Postojna Cave back in 1818. And since then we have been one of the wonders of the world.

Stop and have a look on the city trail

At the bora’s doorstep, a place full of stories and mysterious legends.

In a place where winds from all sides of the sky meet, there is a post that is famous all over the world for the Postojna Cave. But those who are not just looking just for a stop, will find genuine contact with karst nature, people, and legends here.

The very name Postojna invites people to stay with us, as it also means “to stay a little”, which you will soon realise, is not without reason.

We joyfully welcome you with open arms and our thousands of years of history, mysticism, legends and top-notch offer. 

But the experience – that you will create yourself.


Postojna is the cradle of karstology decorated by unique karst wonders.

Here, where the Postojna Pass has been connecting the Mediterranean and Central Europe since ancient times, nature still creates wonders of the karst. Postojna is a true treasure of world-renowned attractions with its wonderful and mysterious underground world as well as its unique green karst landscape.



Follow the bora, stone to stone, each step is an adventure in its own.
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Under the ground and above it, in the water and in the air, in the countryside, in the forest and in the city.
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Postojna has always been on the draft, at the crossroads of cultures, that's why you must search for inspiration in the past, in a rich cultural heritage.  

Eat and drink well!

We are saying that “empty bag does not stand upright”, so quickly select your favorite among the many culinary experiences that will satisfy everyone – those who swear by traditional Slovenian cuisine and those who enjoy great pizzas, fish lovers or various meat and vegetable specialties.

Bon appétit! 

Notranjski muzej Postojna
Trip ideas

Around Postojna

On a warm summer morning, you can first visit the Notranjska Museum, which boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage of the unique karst area in which we are located. The diverse collection of skeletons of cave bears and other Ice Age animals, as well as seeing cave animals under a microscope, is admirable. The...
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Planinsko polje
Trip ideas

From the Field to the Cave

We invite you to explore our destination like many other athletes, amateur athletes, nature lovers and generally everyone who wants to get away from everyday life. You can start the adventure by arriving at Hotel Center, which was completely renovated in 2018 and is located just a 10-minute walk from the famous Postojna Cave. The...
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All’ombra del Nanos
Trip ideas

Sheltered by Nanos

Let us take you to a 3-day trip in the heart of nature of Nanos and Predjama Castle. On the first day, you drive to Ecotourism Hudičevec. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? It’s actually quite funny. The estate was once the property of a Trieste baron, who had a housekeeper there who was not afraid of anyone, not even the devil...
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There is always something going on here, especially in the summer months, when traditional festivals and various cultural, musical, sports and other events take place in many places in the Municipality of Postojna. Stay with us for a while and see for yourself that we also know how to have fun and laugh! 

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Furmanski praznik

Useful information

Is Postojna safe?

Postojna is considered a safe city with a low crime rate, so we hope that your experience will also be just and only pleasant. 

How to get here?

Getting to Postojna is easy. Travel by plane, train, bus or car.
We have selected all the information you need for you! 


Emergency telephone numbers

Police: 113
Information centre, fire brigade, ambulance: 112

Roadside assistance, towing service: 1987
Veterinary station Postojna – 24h on-call service: +386 (0)5 700 1000

Sustainable according to Postojna

 Visit our sights on foot, by bike, or by public transport.
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Postojna is part of the Green Karst

Green Karst is an area, our little piece of heaven between the Alps and the Mediterranean. It is karst in the sense of a geological term that describes ancient rocky areas where water has eroded over millions of years and carved its way through the rock. On its way, it created natural karst wonders, such as caves, sinkholes, underground rivers, swallow holes and cave-ins, and intermittent lakes. 

All about Green Karst
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