Dr. Lojz Kraigher Memorial Room

The memorial room is located on the first floor of the Postojna Cultural Centre. The building with a columned facade was built in 1930 as the home of the Fascist Youth (Casa del Balilla), which also housed a kindergarten for a while. Dr. Lojz Kraigher (1877–1959), born in a house on Tržaška cesta in Postojna, went down in Slovenian literary history as an author of naturalistic prose and drama and as a companion, supporter and chronicler of our greatest writer Ivan Cankar.

Kraigher was in contact with Cankar both in Vienna, where they both studied, and after their return to Slovenia. He was a great moral as well as financial support for him, especially in the last period of his life. Dr. Lojz Kraigher, a doctor and dentist who for a short time also ran the Regional Hospital in Ljubljana, is considered one of the founders of the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, as he publicly advocated for its establishment as early as 1919. The initiative was fully realised only in August 1945. At that time, Lojz Kraigher was awarded his first honorary doctorate, and he also became the librarian of the faculty and the first editor of the renovated magazine “Zdravstveni vestnik”. In his public works, Kraigher was always a conscious Slovene, which caused him a lot of problems.

Both during the period when he lived and worked in the Primorje region during the fascist terror, as well as during the Ljubljana period, when he was interned in Dachau because of his cooperation with the national liberation movement. Even the aforementioned Kraigher’s initiative to establish the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana must be understood in the spirit of his aspirations for national autonomy.


Visit the memorial room and see what the intellectual’s workspace from the first half of the 20th century looked like. To see the memorial room, ask at Notranjska Museum Postojna.

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