Miroslav Vilhar Primary School

The imposing, austere building, with a park in front of it and a spacious school yard behind it, was built in 1900. To date, quite a few schools were housed under this roof, and at different levels too – from elementary school to high school.

Today it is home to the Miroslav Vilhar Primary School, one of the two primary schools in Postojna. Miroslav Vilhar (1818–1871), Slovenian composer, poet, playwright, politician and publisher of the political paper Naprej, was from neighboring Planina, and spent the majority of his life at Kalc Castle near Zagorje pri Pivki. He advocated fervently and publicly for the rights of Slovenes in the Austro-Hungarian Empire: for the use of Slovenian language in schools and state offices, for the establishment of a Slovenian insurance company, as well as for karst reforestation. He was also the initiator and organiser of the Pivka camp on Kalc castle, where the demands for the realisation of the national program of United Slovenia were clearly expressed.

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