The Oldest Slovenian Yew Tree

In the village of Strane, the highest-lying village in the Municipality of Postojna, which lies just below Nanos, you will find the thickest and, according to popular tradition, the oldest Slovenian yew tree

Given the size of the trunk, according to foresters, it could be 500 to 600 years old. However, folklore claims that it was planted as early as 350 AD. 

A tree more than 11 meters tall stands in front of the village church, and its circumference is 385 centimeters.

According to a legend that circulates among the locals, even saints Cyril and Methodius preached under the yew tree when they traveled across the Balkans to Rome.

The yew tree in Strane is an exceptional starting point for a hike to Nanos. However, if the almost 800-meter altitude difference is too much for you, you can head towards Predjama Castle on foot.

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