Old Maternity Hospital

Women from Primorje gave birth here from 1950 until the end of the 1980s, when it was replaced by the current maternity ward at another location. Many still vividly remember how, due to the security ban on visiting, relatives would come to the upper, Jamska cesta at the agreed hour and wave to the young mother, who was holding a newborn at the window of the maternity ward.

Even before that, since 1908, this mighty building served as a hospital, which took over the work of the neighboring, smaller building from 1851. Information about the first Postojna hospital dates back to the distant 18th century, when a small hospital operated in the abandoned stud farm of the castle outbuilding under Sovič, which has not been preserved.

Today, both facilities offer spaces for young people and even the youngest ones – the unit of the Postojna Kindergarten is located here, the Postojna campers and scouts have their own space, and since 2001 there is a youth culture centre within the old maternity hospital, represented by the Student Club of the municipalities of Postojna and Pivka and the Postojna Youth Centre.

Step closer and see what is happening at the old maternity hospital today!


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