Park of the Forestry and wood technology school

Today, the city forest is home to the only forestry school in Slovenia and a student dormitory, which also functions as a youth hotel. Until the First World War, the magnificent Grand Hotel Adelsbergerhof operated here, a climate resort that, especially in the summer, hosted affluent visitors from different parts of the world that came to see the cave.

The Grand Hotel, as the locals called the hotel, was built by the Swiss Franc Progler, who already owned a hotel in Trieste. The Grand Hotel Adelsbergerhof was modernly equipped, as guests had bathrooms with showers, electric lighting, a car garage, and also offered transportation to the train station and the cave. In addition to the English park, there were also cricket and tennis courts, an outbuilding with livestock and a vegetable garden that supplied the hotel’s restaurant. During the First World War, the command of the 5th Army of the Austrian Army, headed by General Svetozar Borojević, who defended the front line on the Soča River, was housed in the hotel. After the First World War, the former hotel became one of the residences of the Windischgrätz family, and after the Second World War, the building was nationalised and then demolished in 1980.

Mali gaj in the middle of Postojna is an unforgettable oasis in which you will feel the interplay of different concepts: ancient and modern, war and peace, youth and wisdom, nature and culture.

Connect to the internet in the colorful, originally designed common areas of the Proteus Youth Hotel, or disconnect from everything and everyone and simply enjoy the youthful yet peaceful atmosphere.

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