The Planina polje (Planina plain)

Did you know?

… that a single karst meadow is home to more species of butterfly than the whole of Great Britain?

As many as 78 different species of butterflies are found on Planinsko Polje including the scarce large blue, the southern festoon and the marsh fritillary.

The Planina polje is a classic example of a karst polje, the last of its kind in the Ljubljanica river basin. It is crossed by the river Unica, which rises in Planina Cave.  If you visit it after heavy rain, you will see the incredible sight of a flooded karst polje transformed into a lake.

The Planina polje is part of a wider system of protected areas and is included in the Natura 2000 network as a unique habitat of European importance for numerous plant and animal species.

The meadows on Planinsko Polje are home to many species of grassland-dwelling birds, including the corncrake, a species categorised around the world as “near threatened”. Planinsko Polje is also the only area in Slovenia where the endangered amethyst meadow squill (Scilla litardierei) still grows.

The polje is the right destination for those looking for outdoor exercise, whether just a walk or a physically more demanding sports activity. It offers numerous opportunities for recreation and leisure and is at the same time a unique scientific and geographical phenomenon.

Because of the karst polje over which it flows, the river Unica is a very suitable and popular fishing destination. You can refresh yourself in it in summer and even paddle down it in a boat in the flood season. Planinsko Polje offers numerous opportunities for walking, running, cycling, riding and, in winter, ice skating.

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