Postojna people are “Torbarji”

Yes, the people of Postojna are also known as “torbarji” and all this because of the legend about the dragon and the brave shepherd boy Jakob.

Legend has it that a terrible dragon that everyone feared, once lived in the Postojna Cave. The local residents called the resourceful shepherd boy Jakob for help, who tamed the dragon by bringing him a lime-filled calfskin for a meal. 
When the monster got a drink of water after lunch, it blew up. To thank Jakob for his courage, the locals erected a statue at the entrance to the village and sewed a bag from the remnants of the dragon’s skin, and ever since then the people of Postojna have been known as “torbarji”.
The statue, which was erected in honor of the brave shepherd boy Jakob by grateful locals, can be seen at the beginning of the village of Šmihel pod Nanosom.

Kip zmaja in pastirčka Jakoba
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