Postojna can be accessed from the highway via the Postojna exit (41) in several ways: from the direction of Ljubljana–Koper (A1), from the direction of Sežana–Italy (E61 joins the A1 at Gabrk), from the direction of Nova Gorica–Italy via the expressway (to the toll booth from the Nanos station along the H4, then along the A1 highway in the direction of Ljubljana). On the regional road: from the direction of Ljubljana (R2-409), from the direction of Nova Gorica (first take R2-444, then on the R2-409), from the direction of Sežana (first take R2-445, continue on the R2-409), from the direction of Koper (R2-409) and from the direction of Ilirska Bistrica along the main road (G1-6).
Traffic information

Postojna can also be reached by train.
Postojna railway station is about 1km from the city center. Arriving by train is possible from Ljubljana (and Austria), Ilirska Bistrica (and Croatia), Divača, Koper, and Sežana (and Italy). 
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Postojna can also be reached by bus. The main bus station is located near the city center. Postojna can be accessed from major Slovenian cities and neighboring municipalities via bus connections. There are also some line connections within the municipality. 
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The nearest airports are in Ljubljana, in Italy in Trieste, Venice, and Milan and in Croatia in Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula. Regardless of the fact that the Municipality of Postojna has just over 16,000 inhabitants, we also have our own airport. Postojna Airport (locals call it Rakitnik Airport) is 3km from Postojna. It is intended for sports and tourist aircraft of a total weight of up to 5,700kg. Planes from European Union member states can land at the airport, but a prior landing at an international airport (Ljubljana, Maribor, or Portorož) is necessary, and then they can land in Postojna (Rakitnik) with notification and permission.
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The municipality of Postojna is introducing three shuttle bus lines with the aim of promoting sustainable mobility, and providing greater connectivity and accessibility to tourist attractions in the municipality.

The Blue Line during the peak tourist season (8 July – 3 September), connects Postojna Cave and Predjama. Shuttle bus on the route Postojna Cave – Predjama Castle runs between 11 a-m. and 7 p.m. each 15-30 min.

The red line, which connects Predjama and Planina, operates during the summer tourist season, between 1 July and 31 August. It runs between Planina – Postojna Railway Station – Postojna Cave – Predjama. The buses on this line also pick up passengers from tourist providers. In this case, prior arrangement is necessary, one day in advance by 16.00 at the following e-mail address:

The Green Line, running between the railway station and Predjama, will operate during peak tourist periods, holiday periods and public holidays, until 30 April 2024. This new shuttle bus service, which is available to passengers free of charge, has been set up as part of the Predjama Sustainable initiative. Its main aim is to reduce motorized traffic, which otherwise increases considerably in the direction of the popular destination of Predjama during these holiday periods.



To drive on all Slovenian highways and some expressways, you must have an electronic vignette for motorcycles, passenger, and combination vehicles, the maximum permissible weight of which does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. The e-vignette can be purchased online (link: or at physical points of sale, such as gas stations, post offices, and some kiosks.
You can choose between a weekly, half-yearly, or annual e-vignette.


In Postojna, we currently have 2 charging stations, each of which has two charging points. 
At each charging station, there is one TYPE 2 connector, which enables fast charging (up to 44 kW) and one Schuko connector, which is intended for slower charging and is used in the vast majority of the vehicles that are not factory-made but are subsequently converted to electric drive.

Car park at TIC Postojna (Tržaška cesta 59a, 6230 Postojna): one station with 2 charging points 
Car park at the Postojna Post Office (Ulica 1. maja 2a, 6230 Postojna): free of charge; two stations with 4 charging points


You can also rent a taxi in Postojna.

Taxi Postojna
Darij Marušič s.p.
+386 (0)31 777 974
+386 (0)31 413 254

Prevozi Matjaž Vrčon s.p.
+ 386 (0)41 959 037

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