Villa Jurca

Certainly the most remarkable private building of the former central square, which passed into public ownership after the end of the Second World War. Today, the building houses the district court. The family villa was built on the site of the former Adlershofen manor around 1910 by a local man, landowner and merchant Fran Jurca (1845–1926).

The building was built in historicist style, with a characteristic facade that is still interesting today, and surrounded by an extensive garden. Around the same period, Fran Jurca had a family tomb built in the city cemetery. During the First World War, General Svetozar Borojević von Bojna, commander of the 5th Army of the Austro-Hungarian Army, whose headquarters were in Postojna’s Grand Hotel Adelsbergerhof, was housed in Villa Jurca. The parish chronicle preserved the information that General Borojević, accompanied by two soldiers, walked every day from the villa via Majlont to the slope of Sovič, from where he then descended to the headquarters in the Grand Hotel.

Adlershofen Mansion, also named the Eagle Mansion was owned by the Garzarolli family, who sold the dilapidated building to Fran Jurca. The former sculpture of an eagle on the roof above the facade of Villa Jurca was probably a tribute to the Eagle Mansion.

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