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Contact details

Bike Slovenia – guided cycling adventures
Tomaž Penko s.p.

+386 (0)41 208 387
FB: Bike Slovenia
IG: @bikeslovenia

Bike Slovenia invites you on guided cycling trips along the diverse Green Karst.

Take a ride along the mighty Nanos karst plateau, between medieval castles, across the mysterious karst world, along bear tracks, across the land of interspersed lakes and along Krpan’s paths.

For a mosaic of cycling trails, they offer you tours, for private parties or individual cyclists. They prefer macadam trails and ruts surrounded by forests, but since they are specialists in the area of the Green Karst, they can adapt all the trails to your wishes and abilities.

Tours can be easier or more difficult, half-day or full-day, with or without a hot lunch. A very experienced and licensed local tourist and cycling guide makes sure you have an unforgettable and carefree cycling tour.

Inform them of your wishes or choose one of the ready-made cycling adventures at:

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