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Opening hours

all year round on weekends or by agreement

Contact details

Forest Adventures
Tina Rupnik: +386 40 187 309
Matej Kavčič: +386 30 333 533

Additional information
Starting point: Razdrto 
Trail length: 7.7km
Difficulty: medium
Markings: the trails are marked

Nanos is a high karst plateau that rises steeply above the Postojna basin and the Vipava Valley. It has several peaks, but the most popular one is the vantage point next to the TV transmitter and Vojko’s hut on Nanos. We chose the ascent via a steeper and more demanding route and the descent past the lovely Church of St. Hieronymus, which is relatively easy, and the view in good weather is simply wonderful.

Experienced guides pick you up in front of your accommodation or desired location and drive you to Razdrto, where the starting point for Nanos is. We cross the highway next to the parking area, where we see the first mountain markings. Turn left and simply follow the markings or signs for Vojko’s hut (“Vojkova koča”) (1,240m). At the beginning, we cross a meadow and soon we reach a marked place where the path divides into “steep” (strmo) and “easy” (položno).

We continue along the steep path (to the right), which first climbs steeply through a shady grove, but higher up the steepness increases, and the passages secured by steel cables begin. Caution is required (especially if it is wet), and often the wind will provide some cooling, so be properly equipped.

The view gets more beautiful with each step, and after the bare peak we reach the transmitter, behind which Vojko’s hut is hidden in the grove. From the transmitter, we continue along a gentle path that runs along the grassy ridge in the direction of the Vipava Valley (north-west). Right in front of the Church of St. Hieronymus, a signpost points us to the path that crosses the slope back in the direction of Razdrto. Soon we reach a pleasant forest and return to the starting point along a technically easy path.


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