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The routes on Sovič are marked.

Every town that knows its worth has its own castle or at least a viewpoint with a fine view. Well, Postojna has both. Sovič is a town hill that is very easy to climb; leaning against its hillside is the oldest part of the town of Postojna, Majlont.

When you rise above Majlont, you can puff and pant your way towards the Adelsberg Castle ruins straight uphill or head towards the hilltop with ruins by going around, i.e. take the so-called Borojević Trail.

From the top, among the castle remains and military passages, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Postojna, the Postojna Cave entrance, the Jamski Dvorec Mansion and the Nanos plateau.

All the ways uphill through the Majlont area lead to Sovič. The quickest way to the top is continuing along Vegova Street past the Karst Research Institute.

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