Sveta Trojica (St. Trinity)

Starting point

Postojna (Jeršice)

Trail length

8,6 km


The route is not marked.

Cumulative altitude difference

456 m


Postojna (Jeršice) - Church of St. Trinity - Postojna (Jeršice)

One of the many starting points for hiking Sveta Trojica starts in Postojna, and the most popular are those from the villages of Petelinje and Trnje pri Pivki. The ascent is possible by several different footpaths.

From the top of Trojica there is a wonderful view of the entire Pivka basin and the nearby peaks of Snežnik, Nanos, Vremščica and Planinska gora. In clear weather, the view even reaches the Adriatic Sea. The path to Sveta Trojica is not demanding and is well marked, and the ascent takes place in the shade of pine and beech forest.

At the top is the pilgrim Church of St. Trinity, which was first mentioned by Valvasor in the 17th century. The hike from Postojna takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes, but it all depends on your speed.

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