Starting point

Pivka railway station

Trail length

110 km


The trail is marked with directional signs, stickers or VKP inscriptions at intersections.


Pivka railway station-over Šilentabor and upper Pivka basin crossing Javorniki-Cerknica Lake-Bloke-Slivnica-towards Cerknica-Rakov Škocjan-Kalič-Postojna-Rakitnik airport-Petelinje-Pivka

The Great Krpan trail is a 110km long circular hiking or cycling route marked with recognisable signs, which runs along the paths followed by Martin Krpan, the legendary literary hero in the story by the writer Fran Levstik. 

On it, travelers get to know places important because of events in recent and distant history, numerous church cultural monuments with rich furnishings, castle ruins and preserved mansions. They can see a series of karst sights up close: springs and sinkholes, intermittent lakes, caves and sinkholes, and typical ecosystems. Recreational hikers can complete the trail in three days, but it is also possible to complete it in several shorter stages. The trail is suitable for cyclists and horseback riders, and in most cases it is also suitable for other means of transport.

The route is basically a hiking trail and is also marked as such in nature. With the exception of four shorter detours, it is also suitable for cycling. Hikers and cyclists can help themselves with a map of the Great Krpan Trail, on which both routes, hiking and cycling, are marked, a QR code is available for accessing the GPS track, and there are also two suggestions for extending the route.

We suggest that you start the trail in Pivka, from where it leads along the Pivka valley, through Javorniki and through the Lož valley to the Bloke plateau. Then proceed along Slivnica and Cerknica Lake to Rakov Škocjan. This is followed by a climb over Kalič to Postojna and a return through the valley to Pivka.

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