Starting point


Trail length

160 km


The path is marked in nature


Postojna – Nanos – Predjama - Sv. Lovrenc - Planinska gora - Planina - Rakov Škocjan – Cerknica Lake -Slivnica - Bloke Lake- Podcerkev – Snežnik – Babno polje – Croatia

Discover the first seven stages of the Via Dinarica and learn why it is the greatest hiking discovery in Europe. The Dinaric Mountains stretch from Slovenia in the northwest to Kosovo and Serbia in the south. Via Dinarica runs along the relatively undiscovered mountain trails of the Western Balkans and is considered one of the most interesting hiking destinations in Europe.

Get to know this extraordinary route at its beginning, in Slovenia. A seven-day hiking tour through the Slovenian Dinaric karst to Croatia will impress you with deep forests and meadows, the most beautiful karst phenomena and waters that often emerge and create works of art underground. The karst caves and intermittent lakes here are a world-renowned phenomenon. 

The route leads past interesting castles, through lovely villages all the way to rocky peaks that offer exceptionally beautiful views. The pristine nature also surprises with its rich flora and fauna. A beautiful landscape, worth exploring on foot.

• day 0: Arrival to Postojna
• day 1: Postojna – Nanos – Predjama
• day 2: Sv. Lovrenc – Planinska gora – Planina
• day 3: Planina – Rakov Škocjan – Cerknica Lake
• day 4: Slivnica – Bloke Plateau – Bloke Lake
• day 5: Križna Cave – Lož Valley
• day 6: Podcerkev – Snežnik
• day 7: Snežnik – Babno polje – Croatia

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