Starting point


Trail length

1 km


The route is marked.

Sovič, a 677m high city hill, is located above the oldest part of Postojna, called Majlont. The fastest way to get to the top of Sovič is through Majlont, by continuing along Vegova ulica behind the Karst Research Institute.

On the way to the top, you can rest on two viewing platforms, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Postojna.

Nature trails along Sovič are carved into the hillsides. The walker is led through an almost entirely wooded area with diverse vegetation. As a loner at the end of the pier, he defies both the summer’s juicy heat and the cold gusts of the winter wind. Along the path, we find 26 marked species of trees and shrubs that grow together and can be compared to each other by appearance, leaves, fruits, twigs or bark in all seasons.

Nature trail is 1 km long. Since the two paths intertwine, the Historic and Natural trails can be walked together as a circular path around Sovič, with a total length of 2.2km.

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