Walking path to Geržin’s mill

Starting point

Macadam road in Hrašče

Trail length

4,6 km (both directions)


The route is not marked

There used to be six mills on Nanoščica. Farmers from Hrenovice and Hrašče used to drive their produce to the sawmill across today’s overgrown meadows to Geržin’s mill in Zagon.

The Zagon mill was famous for its exquisite milling of both white and black flour when it was in operation, and during the National Liberation Struggle there was a secret place for maintaining connections between partisan units there (javka), as the mill is located in a secluded location.

You can park your car next to the macadam road, which you turn onto shortly before entering the village of Hrašče. From there you continue along the path, over the old steel bridge and immediately turn left behind the fenced pasture.

A few meters further you come to a well-kept building with a one-story residential house made of hewn stones, behind which once stood a mill built of hewn stones and a Venetian sawmill.

Here you can turn back towards your car or continue along the river, which leads you to a small cove and an abandoned boat.

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