Postojna Castle (Adelsberg)

At the top of the Sovič city hill are the ruins of the Postojna Castle (Adelsberg), also called Stari grad, military trenches and a wonderful vantage point from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Postojna, the entrance to the Postojna Cave, Cave Mansion, and Nanos.

The first known owners of the castle were the Andeški counts in the 12th century, and the castle itself is almost certainly of older origin. The Postojna Castle (Adelsberg) acted as the headquarters of a large Postojna land lordship in the past. Due to its strategic position, its important role was the control of the karst passes and the defense of the narrower area in the Postojna basin.

The ruins of the Postojna (Adelsberg) castle on the top of Sovič can be reached on well-maintained forest walking paths – access is free and possible every day of the year.

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