Hošperk Castle (Haasberg)

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The ruins of the former Baroque mansion rise above the gorge of the Unica River in the southern part of Planina Field.

The Hošperk (Haasberg) castle was built by the Eggenberg princes at the beginning of the 17th century, at the foot of an old medieval castle that was destroyed by an earthquake. At that time, the manor was considered the mightiest baroque manor in Slovenia. It was famous for its rich interior and a beautiful park, which is unfortunately only partially preserved today.

The last owner of the manor was the Windischgrätz family, who bought it in 1846. During the Second World War, the nobles emigrated to Italy, and the castle was first inhabited by the Italian army, then by the German army, and in 1944, it was burned down. The valuable interior furnishings, the family archive and the family tomb of the last owners, the Windischgrätz, were completely destroyed.

You can see the ruins of the Hošperk (Haasberg) castle free of charge.

Castle stable

Across the road, in the immediate vicinity of the castle, you can also see the old Castle stable and the walled magical grassy courtyard with an event space, which also houses a small ethnological collection with various objects that were found at this location.

Near the Hošperk (Haasberg) castle, where shrouded mists create unforgettable morning and evening images of this mountain field, there is a small corner of nature, which, due to its wonderful diversity, has earned the name “Škratova deželica”.

During heavy rains, many almost imperceptible springs, scattered on the slope, come to life here and, together with the water from the Cerknica Lake, which flows from the Škratovka Cave, fills the bed of the torrential stream, which finds its way to the outlet of the Unica River among the lush growth.

A piece of nature around the small house, in which the lords of the castle learned household and farm work, takes on its most beautiful image in the winter time. The frozen water springs create mystical images all along the bank up to the place where, in ancient times, ice slabs were prepared and stored in a nearby ice-storage.
Under the old stone bridge, still tired from the rumble of carriages and horses pulling them, flows the Unica River, where lovers of fishing and nature will find their peace. In the lee of the trees, we can take time for a walk, recreation or a short break, enjoying the sounds of the forest.

Serenity also resides within the walls of the castle stable, which, in addition to the rest of the “Škratova deželica”, is voluntarily cared for by the Škratovka society in the desire to return to nature at least some of the images that speak to us from the faded postcards and still live in the testimonies of older people whose ancestors were lucky enough to touch that time.

Grajska štala. Foto: Ivan Majc
Grajska štala pri gradu Haasberg (Hošperk)
Grajska štala
Grajska štala
Grajska štala
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