Pivka and Black Cave

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Postojnska jama d.d.
Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna

+386 (0)5 700 01 00

Both karst caves are the last two caves along the underground river Pivka, before it finally disappears and reappears again in the Planina cave.

The entrance to the cave is through a sinkhole, which was created by the collapse of a part of the cave ceiling. The two caves are connected to each other by an artificial tunnel more than 100 meters long.

The Pivka Cave offers a unique insight into the underground bed of the Pivka River. It is the only part in the cave system of Postojna Caves, where the tour takes place along the underground river Pivka.

The Black Cave with its large halls and horizontal tunnels with large dark dripstones, which gave the cave its name, offers visitors the opportunity to experience a unique cave tour.

A visit to Pivka Cave and the Black Cave takes an hour and a half, and no special equipment is required. Regular tours of the caves are conducted in July and August, twice a day. The entrance is from the camp at Pivka Cave.

You can also see both caves as part of an adventure or adrenaline tour. Adrenaline tours are intended for those who would like to visit the parts of the caves not available for mass tours, who would like to experience more challenging passages, cross water obstacles and relive the cave exploration. The tours take place in small groups, accompanied by a qualified guide, and are divided into three difficulty groups.

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