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1h (classic tour) / 4-6h (boat tour)

Opening hours

Saturdays at 5 p.m., Sundays and public holidays at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Monday to Sunday: 17.00

By prior arrangement (at least 5 people)

By prior agreement

Contact details

+386 (0)41 338 696
+386 (0)41 304 588

Planina Cave (sometimes also called Mali grad Cave) is located on the southern edge of Planina Field, in the immediate vicinity of the Ravbar tower.

It consists of various halls, many beautiful lakes and dripstones. The cave is almost seven kilometers long and is considered the largest water cave in Slovenia.

Its other important feature is one of the largest confluences of underground rivers in Europe. Here, the river Rak, which flows from Rakov Škocjan, and the river Pivka, which flows from Postojna Cave, merge in the Unica River.

Planina Cave is distinguished by its exceptional biodiversity. In addition to 60 species of water animals, 40 species of land animals also live in it.

Among them, the most famous endemic is the olm, which you can see in spades in Planina Cave. The largest population of the olm in Slovenia lives in the Planina Cave water system.

The tour of Planina Cave is organized using halogen lamps. You can choose between a classic one-hour tour and a boat tour that lasts 4–5 hours and is possible at low water level. The latter is subject to prior reservation.

The cave has a constant temperature of around 10°C, so warm clothes are necessary. We also recommend good walking shoes and, since there is no electricity in the cave, also your own head or hand torch so you can light your way.

Planina Cave

Classic Tour

See the wonders of the caves on a 500-meter-long pleasant and exciting walk along a protected path to a unique confluence of underground rivers.

Here, the river Rak, which flows from Rakov Škocjan, and the river Pivka, which flows from Postojna Cave, merge into Unica.

Boat Tour

You will row along the Pivka branch into the heart of the cave, Paradiž. On the 8.7km of the tour, you will be accompanied by many olms and beautiful dripstones.

Visiting the cave by boat is only possible when the water level is low, so a prior arrangement in necessary.

Planina Cave - boat. Photo: Simon Kržič
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