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Opening hours

open according to the opening hours of the Postojna Cave, for private parties by agreement.

Contact details

Jamski dvorec
Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna

+386 (0)81 610 300

Type of food

Slovenian cuisine, European cuisine, vegetarian cuisine

The mansion is located right in front of the entrance to the Postojna Cave. The mansion is an event and culinary centre that boasts a great tradition, as it has surrounded the characteristic view of the entrance to the Postojna Cave since 1928.

It is an excellent location for business meetings, wedding receptions, seminars, congresses and top music events, as the largest hall on the first floor can accommodate up to 300 guests. In the attic and ground floor, there are several smaller congress halls and an eminent Venetian sawmill, which rounds off the rich architecture, complemented by high-level services.

The offer consists of a varied selection of local dishes from Notranjska-Karst regions, delicacies of Central European cuisine, Slovenian culinary specialties, as well as sea and freshwater fish and game dishes. You can try special feasts based on the traditions of the past, such as medieval, charioteer or imperial feasts.


service, credit card payment, payable parking area for cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, bicycles, terrace, bar

Types of meals

lunch, dinner, dessert, drink, aperitif

Suitable for

families with children, couples, groups


Slovenian, English, Italian, German, Croatian
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