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Opening hours

Opening hours are adapted to the tour schedule of the Postojna Cave

Contact details

Restaurant Magdalena
Jamska cesta 28, 6230 Postojna

+386 (0)5 700 01 00

Type of food

American cuisine, Thai cuisine, street food

Magdalena Food & Fun, which prides itself on offering modern street food, is located right next to the central promenade of the Postojna Cave Park and rounds off the gastronomic offer of the legendary Hotel Jama. In addition to a wide range of homemade gourmet burgers, where the Cave burger stands out in particular, you will be served a selection of boutique beers, homemade iced teas and excellent coffee.

The Magdalena restaurant is named after one of the five caves of the Postojna Cave system, Magdalena Cave that only experienced spelunkers can enter through an entrance in a steep abyss. The view towards the light is through the restaurant’s glass ceiling. Central area with a large table will delight larger groups, and those who need comfort and rest after visiting the caves, will be delighted by the comfort of the sofas and the privacy of the secluded corners. A modern and inviting atmosphere, fast service and excellent flavors contribute to the distinctive offer of the restaurant.


service, credit card payment, payable parking area for cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, bicycles, terrace, bar

Types of meals

lunch, dinner, dessert, drink

Suitable for

families with children, couples, groups


Slovenian, English, Italian, German
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