Postojna Carnival

Opening hours

Carnival Tuesday

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Turistično društvo Postojna
+ 386 (0)5 7201 610

February, March

Postojna Carnival takes place every year on a carnival Tuesday. The traditional carnival parade boasts a 50-year tradition.

Modern carnival parade in Postojna is an ethnological tourist event with a satirical, comic or grotesque carnival content.

The carnival parade takes place through the main streets in the centre of Postojna with the performance of local and visiting ethnological groups. The visiting groups bring forth the elements of archaic traditional masks and are folklore-oriented. Local groups portray current topics and events and are critical of local and national social conditions and events, some of them also present their environment, place or society.

In the competition program, the groups compete for rich prizes and their originality, comedy and wit are evaluated.

As part of the carnival, a carnival masked dance also takes place in the evening.

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