Restaurant and Pizzeria Čuk

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Opening hours

Monday, Thursday to Sunday: 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Tuesday to Wednesday: closed


Contact details

Restaurant and Pizzeria Čuk 
Pot k Pivki 4, 6230 Postojna

+386 (0)5 720 13 00

Type of food

Slovenian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Italian cuisine, grilled dishes, homemade/homegrown ingredients, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free food

Restaurant and Pizzeria Čuk is located in the heart of the city next to the Postojna sports park. The restaurant offers local and international cuisine. They also boast a wine bar representing five Slovenian wine-growing regions – Goriška Brda, Štajerska, Vipava Valley, Posavje and Slovenian Istria.

Guests are served local and international dishes with a familiar taste, prepared with fresh ingredients and in a creative way. Such an example is the Postojna roast, baked at low temperature, fried Pivka chicken and homemade rolled vegetable dumplings. They use locally sourced food, all dairy products are bought at Štefe’s farm in Petelinje.

They take pride in their Neapolitan pizza, where all the ingredients are of Italian origin. The original recipe is from Naples – the dough matures for 48 hours, the pizza is baked at a temperature of 450 degrees, so it is very tasty and easy to digest.

The inn also has an arranged parking area for cars and buses, as well as a summer garden.


service, credit card payment, parking area for cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, bicycles, reservations, terrace, brick oven, outdoor children's playground, free Wi-Fi, pets allowed

Types of meals

lunch, dinner, dessert, drink, coffee, aperitif

Suitable for

families, couples


Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, English
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