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holiday house

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Opening hours

By prior reservation, at least one day before arrival


Contact details

Polšak Holiday Home
Planina 270, 6232 Planina

+386 (0)41 773 226
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Polšak holiday home is located in the forest outside the village of Planina in the Hrušica mountain range. It is about 4 to 9 km from the main asphalt roads, depending on the direction you are coming from. 

The accommodation is a luxurious facility in the middle of the Notranjska forests, where there is plenty of space to relax and enjoy the environment. It is suitable for families, various groups, meetings and celebrations. It is located in a quiet corner in the heart of the Notranjska forests. There are a number of sights nearby that are worth seeing. The surroundings are suitable for cycling, hiking, recreation, photography, picking forest fruits, fishing on the Unica River in Planina, etc. The accommodation is suitable for nature lovers and those who would like to retreat to peace and quiet for a longer period of time, at least a few days. Of course, you can also stay for just one night.

The accommodation offers a buffet bar, terrace and garden, three bedrooms, Internet LED TV, kitchen equipped with microwave oven and refrigerator, two toilets, one with a shower. There is a wood-burning fireplace in the large living room. The house has internet and free Wi-Fi. The building is heated with central heating and has hot water. It also provides drinking water because tap water is not potable. Electricity is provided by an autonomous solar system, as well as a generator. You stay in the accommodation alone and do not share it with other guests or staff. It can sleep up to 15 adults, there are 12 permanent beds. A cot and baby equipment are also available. All the necessary equipment, accessories and materials for living are also available. There is a large garden fireplace for baking on the covered terrace and there is also a charcoal grill. There is plenty of space for different games around the accommodation, and it is also possible to pitch a tent.

The accommodation can be reached from several directions, namely from the main road Logatec–Podkraj–Col–Ajdovščina, from where there is only 4km of well-maintained forest macadam road. Access is also possible from the main road Postojna – Planina – Logatec, where it turns onto a well-maintained forest macadam road in the village of Liplje (near the Šefic apartment). You drive along this road for about 8km. Well-maintained forest macadam roads also lead to the accommodation from the settlements of Gorenje pri Bukovju (9km), Lohača pri Studenem (6km) and Grčarevac (7km). If you use Internet navigation for your trip, download an offline map before your arrival, as there is a very poor GSM signal in this area, but you can arrange for a free escort to the accommodation.



overnight stay, credit card payment, parking area for cars, motorbikes, bicycles, reservations, free Wi-Fi, non-smoking rooms, Internet TV, pets allowed, garden, sun deck, barbecue, barbecue area, picnic area

Suitable for

families, couples, groups


Slovenian, English
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